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In Conversation with Boris Lokschin: Why Demoboost Is More Than a Tool – It's a Growth Partner for Spryker

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In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, businesses are not just seeking tools but strategic partners to navigate the complex digital landscape. Anna Decroix sits down with Boris Lokschin, Co-Founder & CEO of Spryker, to explore his journey in search of a demo solution and how Demoboost became more than just a tool – it became a growth partner for Spryker. Boris shares his insights into the qualities that set Demoboost apart.

Anna Decroix: Boris, tell us about Spryker and your role in the company

Boris Lokschin: I am the Co-Founder & CEO of Spryker. Spryker is the leading digital commerce platform for Composable - and Sophisticated Commerce. We are primarily selling to large, global, enterprise organizations across manufacturing, services, and trade sectors and offer B2B, IoT and Enterprise marketplace commerce use cases.

Anna Decroix: What made you look out for a demo solution a few months back?

Boris Lokschin: The search for a demo solution was predominantly triggered by a need for efficiency and scalability in the demo space. We were looking for a tool that ensures consistent, scalable, and customizable demos for potential customers. Thereby, we could enable more team members and roles beyond just Solution Engineering at Spryker to perform demos in a safe environment.

Anna Decroix: As a CEO of Spryker, what aspects of Demoboost's services or products impressed you the most as you decided to become a client?

Boris Lokschin: The main reason to go for Demoboost was the relationship with the Demoboost team and their level of engagement with our needs and asks. Compared to other vendors, Demoboost has a better understanding of the needs and pain points of organizations that require high-quality personalized demos with the right level of sophistication. Of course, the product was very convincing too but the choice of the right partner is what matters.

Anna Decroix: In your opinion, how does Demoboost differentiate itself from other companies offering similar products or services.

Boris Lokschin: The offerings of the various demo automation tools on the market did not significantly differ from a technical and feature perspective with the exception being the Custom demo engine offered by Demoboost. In addition, the quality of the potential partnership after signing made the difference. During our evaluation process, we realised that we are not only searching for a tool but also a partner to grow with. This is very similar to our own value-based approach and go-to-market at Spryker where we would invest more time into value engineering than into showing or talking about features and capabilities.

Anna Decroix: As someone deeply engaged in the tech and e-commerce landscape, how do you see the industry evolving in the next few years, and how does Demoboost fit into that narrative?

Boris Lokschin: Demo Automation Tools will certainly gain traction because they can massively enhance the accessibility of digital software products. Vendors hiding behind newsletters and registration forms will be avoided or contacted last, while those who position their product more openly will set the expectations for a category of software. Moreover, giving customers access to a tailored demo experience they can also experience without an account executive builds trust and ultimately saves resources. With a clear focus on automating demo creation and sharing activities, Demoboost is at the right place at the right time.

Conclusion: Boris Lokschin's journey from seeking a demo solution to becoming an investor in Demoboost is a testament to the power of partnership and innovation in the tech industry. As he wisely notes, it's not just about the product; it's about the people and the shared vision for growth. Demoboost's unique approach to demo automation, coupled with its commitment to understanding the specific needs of its clients, positions it as a key player in the evolving tech and e-commerce landscape. With its focus on enhancing accessibility and trust, Demoboost is poised to make a significant impact in the market. As the digital world continues to evolve, the importance of strategic partnerships, like the one between Spryker and Demoboost, becomes increasingly evident, shaping the future of technology and commerce.


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