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The Best 10 Interactive Product Demo Software Tools for Sales & Marketing in 2023

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Best 10 Interactive Product Demo Software Tools for Sales & Marketing in 2023

In the fast-paced world of sales and marketing, capturing the attention of prospective customers is a challenging feat. Interactive demo software tools have emerged as game-changing solutions, allowing businesses to showcase their products in an engaging, hands-on way that drives conversions. 

Research shows that 73% of customers are more likely to purchase after seeing a live demo. Interactive product demo software tools enable you to create immersive, dynamic demonstrations highlighting your product's features and benefits and fostering a memorable and interactive experience for potential clients, even before your clients meet your sales reps. 

Throughout this post, we'll take you through the 10 best interactive product demo software tools that will elevate your sales and marketing game to new heights. We'll explore the cutting-edge features, unique advantages, and innovative capabilities of each tool, giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed choice. Let’s begin.

List of Best Interactive Product Demo Software Tools

Product demos are the ultimate show-and-tell of the software world. They allow customers to experience the benefits of a product or service firsthand without relying on imagination alone. 

Our top picks offer an immersive and engaging customer experience and make the work of the GTM teams more effective. 

1. Demoboost


Demoboost is the ultimate cloud-based demo automation platform for sales and marketing teams to create, manage, and share custom demos effortlessly. Unlike any other platform, Demoboost doesn't just stop at easing the demo creation process; it ensures that the demo distribution and delivery are just as seamless. But what really sets Demoboost apart is the exceptional buyer experience it provides, resulting in an impressive median demo completion rate of 88 and an average demo NPS of 89.

With its built-in analytics tools, you can track demo performance and user engagement, improving your demos and better understanding your target audience. Boasting a holistic approach, this innovative platform offers clients an end-to-end journey that takes them from lead generation to onboarding. To ensure a truly comprehensive experience for its clients, Demoboost provides free and unlimited access to its creative and dedicated Customer Service team.

Key Features of Demoboost

  • Customizable interactive product demos with unlimited support from the team 

  • Enterprise-grade security measures for data protection and peace of mind

  • Teams can benefit from self-qualification, live demo support, and collaboration features 

  • First-of-its-kind to offer support for Channel Partner use cases

  • Store your demos in the cloud for easy access and sharing

How is Demoboost Better than its Competitors?

Demoboost is a cutting-edge interactive product demo software designed to transform the way businesses showcase their products to potential buyers. The platform offers several advantages over other interactive demo software tools. 

1.  Unique Video Narrative for deeper buyer engagement

Demoboost's Video Narrative feature helps you to create compelling stories that establish a deeper buyer engagement. You can use this feature to guide buyers through the different stages of the sales funnel. Doing so can establish stronger connections with your potential customers and increase your chances of making a sale.

Other sales enablement software may not offer video capabilities or may offer limited options, which provides a disadvantage for sales teams.

2. Multimedia inclusion 

One of the advantages of Demoboost is the inclusion of multimedia as part of the demo journeys.  With Demoboost, you can create engaging demos that include videos, PDFs, and images, making it easier to explain processes or explain context. This multimedia support enhances the overall effectiveness of your demos, making them more memorable and impactful.

3. Self-qualification 

Another critical element of Demoboost is its advanced self-qualification functionality, which significantly improves your pipeline quality. With this technology, you can track the details about the visitor through asking questions and recording the results giving prospects a personalized experience demanding on their industry, position, or interest. 

4. Instant Time to Value promise

Demoboost's streamlined Instant Time to Value offering differentiates it from other interactive demo software providers. Thanks to unlimited access to the Customer Success team helping you to build and perfect demos, your Demo Gallery will be available in no time. 

5. Strong enterprise-level security for data protection

With data breaches becoming more common, clients must feel confident that their information is secure. Demoboost's strong enterprise-level security measures ensure maximum data protection, which is critical for businesses of all sizes. 

6. Positive Ratings: A Testament to Its Quality

Lastly, Demoboost has received outstanding ratings and reviews, indicating that users are satisfied with the product's value and quality. Demoboost's easy-to-use interface and extensive features make it stand out among its competitors. Those who have worked with Demoboost have praised its efficiency, productivity, and ability to help them achieve their sales goals.


2. Walnut


Walnut allows for personalized product demonstrations for each prospect. This feature also allows for creating ready-to-go product demo templates by use case. Walnut also has a holistic demo process that streamlines the sales demo process and ensures no downtime, loading issues, version updates, or burning servers.

With its personalization capabilities. sales reps can create product stories that focus on specific use cases or industries. Walnut also supports analytics, enabling users to track the performance of their demos and optimize them based on the data collected. In addition, Walnut offers guided demos through annotations, making it easy for prospects to navigate through the demo.

Key Features of Walnut

  • Customize demo templates by use case to showcase your product to prospects

  • Streamline your sales demo process with a secure environment

  • Guide prospects with annotations and guided demos

  • Create personalized product stories focused on specific use cases

  • Access a team demo library with access/permissions features and sharing settings


  • Contact them for pricing

3. Saleo


Saleo focuses on customized live demos. This is made possible by the tool's ability to dynamically change datasets, data, and graphs within the demo platform, ensuring that leads are always shown precisely what they want to see. This feature makes POCs and technical demos simple and efficient, allowing sales teams to tailor what each lead sees in their product while demoing it.

However, these advanced capabilities come at the cost of being less intuitive, requiring a complex setup process. As a result, those with technical know-how may need help using the tool effectively. 

Key Features of Saleo

  • Enhances lead engagement and conversion rates

  • Customizable datasets for multiple use cases , enabling personalized demos

  • Browser extension for live demo personalization while viewing an existing demo

  • Integrates with existing tech stack and is easy to use for sales teams

  • Tailored pricing structures to fit business needs


  • Free demo available. Contact them for pricing

4. Tourial


When showcasing your product, few things are more effective than giving your users a hands-on experience. Tourial has features to create interactive, engaging demos that seamlessly integrate into your website. Focusing on user satisfaction improvement, increased conversions, and  making a great first impression, Tourial is most suited for marketing use cases. 

You can add demos to your platform page, and product/feature pages or even create clickable images that trigger the demo. And with the ability to create unlimited demos, you'll always have options. 

Key Features of Tourial

  • Tourial's hero CTA lets businesses create engaging tours of their platform pages

  • Businesses can showcase their products and features in a stand-alone demo format

  • Clickable images that launch pop-ups featuring interactive demos

  • Tourial's chatbot feature provides users with reliable answers and information

  • Create unlimited demos for multiple products and link them to hero CTAs


  • Free demo available. Contact them for pricing

5. Reprise


Reprise provides an enterprise focus and a polished demo editing machine. This tool offers rich personalization options, ideal for sales teams to showcase specific functionalities and features to potential customers. However, the platform's flexibility makes it less intuitive, requiring a bit of a learning curve. 

Reprise also allows users to build three types of demos: product walkthroughs, live demo overlays for sales, and complete explorable sandbox environments - giving prospects a fully immersive experience. Its native integration with analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Salesforce CRM allows for powerful reporting on the efficacy of demos in driving sales.

Key Features of Reprise

  • Screen-level and code-level capture for tighter control over product demos

  • Demo creation options like product walkthroughs, demo overlays, and sandbox

  • Native integrations with popular tools

  • Fully integrated platform with Reprise Reveal, Replay, and Replicate

  • Cloud-based demo creation for quick and easy product presentations


  • Free demo available. Contact them for pricing

6. Arcade


Arcade promises a creative approach to product tours through the usage of screen captures, videos, and tooltips giving users an engaging and informative way to highlight their product's features. Arcade is most suited for marketing use cases. 

The adjustable demo flows feature of Arcade makes it easy for users to keep their product tours up-to-date with new features based on user feedback and analytics. With built-in analytics, users can gain valuable insights into their audience's preferences, allowing them to tailor their products for a better customer experience. While the tool may not be suited for enterprise or demanding clients, it provides a cost-effective solution for smaller businesses.

Key Features of Arcade

  • Easy to create interactive product tours for websites, blogs, and social media

  • Adjustable demo flows with analytics to identify the resonant product experience

  • Low-cost option with HTML5-friendly demos that are user-friendly and light-weight

  • Embeddable marketing showcases that allow for "try before you buy"

  • Easily embed product snippets by remembering user clicks


  • Free - $0 per month (Limited features)

  • Pro - $32 per month

  • Growth - $42.50 per user/month

  • Enterprise - Contact them

7. Demostack


Demostock Promises to be the demo all-rounder.  The tool lets users showcase their product features, benefits, and use cases in any sales conversation. All elements like reports, filters, and dropdowns, work seamlessly inside the clone. 

Users can edit graphs and stories that are data-driven and customized for each conversation. With the flexibility of 3 capture modes and demos, Demostack helps you create personalized demos. It requires no coding or design skills, making it an accessible option for businesses of all sizes.

Key Features of Demostack

  • Create demo environments in minutes with easy customization options

  • Capture front-end and back-end code for seamless product cloning

  • No coding or design skills are needed to create a professional digital presence

  • Incorporate multimedia elements like images and videos for enhanced tours

  • Built-in A/B testing for CTAs and messaging to optimize demo performance


  • Free demo available. Contact them for a custom quote

8. Storylane


Storylane's key focus is on making demo creation easy and hassle-free. With a 10-minute demo creation time, they serve on-the-fly demo use cases. This intuitive and user-friendly platform offers tools for building, editing, sharing, and tracking demos. 

Storylane also allows for demo automation for SaaS businesses, providing a winning guide to writing demo scripts that focus on the tool's value instead of just listing its features. The platform seamlessly fits in with data-driven marketing teams, making it a breeze to optimize the funnel.

Key Features of Storylane

  • Build code-less guided experiences in just 10 minutes with Storylane

  • Optimize your funnel and drive product-led growth using data-driven marketing

  • Create high-quality, personalized demos with guided tooltips and videos

  • Automate your SaaS business demos quickly and efficiently

  • Track the performance of your demos with essential analytics


  • Free - $0 per month (Limited features)

  • Starter- $40 per month

  • Growth - $100 per user/month

  • Enterprise - Contact them

9. Navattic


Navattic offers cutting-edge tools for marketing teams to showcase their products and engage with potential buyers. The demo builder tools of Navattic are designed to create dynamic and responsive click-through tours that offer a captivating perspective of the product. 

With their focus on optimizing website galleries, Navattic provides specific analytics and integrations for the needs of the marketing use case. However, it is missing out on the video narrative feature that helps capture potential buyers' attention and convey a product's value. Also, it is missing out on the sales use case and live demo support that helps sales teams.

Key Features of Navattic

  • A set of no-code demo tools for showcasing products quickly and easily

  • Create dynamic and responsive click-through tours for immersive user experiences

  • Target specific verticals or user personas with new features and updates

  • Highlights product value and unique positioning, empowering modern sellers

  • Build and showcase demos that drive conversions and revenue growth


  • Base - $500/month Annually

  • Growth - $1,000/month Annually

10. Lancey


Lancey is a product demo software tool that empowers sales and PLG teams to showcase the true value of their solutions. It transforms your product into an interactive replica, allowing prospects and customers to engage and interact with your product. Lancey offers video, audio overlays, and custom demos that match your branding and messaging. 

In addition to analytics, its AI text-to-speech capabilities make it easy to track engagement with your demos and create high-quality voice overs for your videos. The platform integrates with popular tools like HubSpot and Marketo, so you can use it seamlessly with other marketing and sales tools.

Key Features of Lancey

  • Create engaging product demos with a no-code editor

  • Monitor performance and track engagement across all your demos

  • Easily gate and capture lead information for follow-ups

  • Deliver unique, personalized buying experiences based on buyer personas

  • Seamlessly integrate with your tech stack, including Salesforce and Hubspot


  • Free - $0 per month (Limited features)

  • Starter- $29 per month

  • Growth - $49 per month

Criteria for Comparing Product Demo Software Tools

Product demo software tools have become essential for businesses that want to showcase their products engagingly and interactively. However, you must ensure the below criteria to choose the best tool for your business needs:

1. Determine your requirements

Before you search for the best Product Demo Software Tools, it is essential to determine the requirements of your business. Identify the key functions that you want the software to perform, such as screen recording, audio and video narration, and the ability to edit videos. This will give you a better idea of what features you need in your software.

2. Evaluate the options

Once you have determined your requirements, start evaluating the available options. Some Conduct thorough research, read reviews, and ask for recommendations from other professionals in your industry.

3. Look for customization and flexibility

Product Demo Software Tools are not one size fits all. It is important that the tool can be customized to match your specific needs and workflows. It should also offer the option to integrate with other tools and software that you use regularly.

4. Request a demo

Before making a final decision, request a demo of the Product Demo Software Tool you are interested in. This will allow you to test the software and see how it works in real time. During the demo, try to replicate your common use cases to better understand how the software will work for your organization.

Experience the Power of an Interactive Demo Today!

A variety of interactive demo software tools available on the market can help boost your sales, improve customer engagement, and provide valuable insights into how your product is being used. Each software tool has its own set of features and advantages, making it essential to compare them side by side to find the one that best suits your needs.

Among them, Demoboost is a standout player with unmatched functionality and performance. With its multimedia overlays, users can create more visually engaging presentations, while the video narrative tool creates a seamless and interactive experience for viewers. Additionally, the free customer service and live demo support ensure that the customers have a smooth and hassle-free experience.

But don't just take our word for it. Book a demo today and see how Demoboost revolutionizes the way you showcase your products.


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