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What is a demo experience platform?

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Demo Experience Platform is becoming a new buzz word so let’s make sure you have all the facts! 

In this blog post, we introduce you to all things DEP. 

First things first: What does Demo Experience even mean? 

A Demo Experience Platform is a no-code platform designed to provide customers with a hands-on experience with your product- on-demand. It allows you to create customized, interactive demos that present the value and unique benefits of your products in an engaging and informative way.

As we move forward, we'll list out the benefits and  explain why any GTM team needs a demo experience platform, and how Demoboost can be your best choice to deliver a mind-blowing demo experience.

So without any further ado, let's dive in!

The Challenges of  Sales Demos

It is a well recognised fact that a sales demo can make or break the deal. However building a great one comes with many challenges like: 

  • Limited resources for creating demos: presales teams with their unique skills combining sales and product capabilities are often stretched too thin and can create a bottleneck in the sales process 
  • Demos take too long to produce, negatively impacting deal velocity and prospect engagement
  • Technical issues during the demo, such as slow loading or crashing, can lead to a poor demo experience 
  • Prospects receive demos after discovery sessions, which is generally perceived as too late in the buying cycle
  • Traditional demos do not generate essential insights for vendors, as they screen sharing doesn’t provide detailed analytics on viewer engagement and interactions 

Yes! Building demos is not a walk in a park. But done correctly, it can hit all the right notes. Here

are some great tips about building a great demo 

Why Does Your GTM  Team Need a Demo Experience Platform?

A demo experience platform can be beneficial for GTM teams in several ways. 

  • Improved buying experience: DEP provides prospects with a personalized and seamless buying experience, giving them access to relevant product information when they want it. This provides transparency and builds trust, increasing sales likelihood.
  • Improved bottom line: By creating ready-to-use demo galleries, the pre-sales team can scale their efforts instead of building each demo from scratch. As a result, the team can focus on other tasks, such as customer engagement and solution development, saving time and resources.
  • Improved demo creation process: Provide ready-to-use demos anytime to remove bottlenecks from the demo creation process. It improves efficiency and helps the sales team close deals more quickly by moving swiftly through the sales process.
  • Shorter sales cycles: Ensure potential deals don't stall or fall through by enabling the revenue team to lead opportunities swiftly through the sales process. This allows the team to focus on generating revenue and growing the business.
  • Enhanced learning: Through insights and analytics, the demo process can be continually improved and optimized to learn what works and what doesn't. This promotes peak sales performance.

And that’s where the Demo Experience Platform comes in!

As businesses compete in an increasingly digital world, their sales demos need to be 4 basic things: 

  • Interactive
  • Engaging, 
  • Personalized
  • Available on-demand

By incorporating effective demo experience platforms businesses can stand out in a crowded market by creating a unique demo for their prospects, who remain interested and engaged throughout the demo process.

What Exactly Does a Demo Experience Platform Do?

1. Create and Edit the Sales Demo

A demo experience platform eliminates the need for coding skills and allows even non-technical staff to create a demo with ease. A few clicks and a new demo can be ready within minutes. 

2. Enable Hyper-personalized Demos at scale 

Demoboost's hyper-personalized demos enable all revenue teams to tailor and customize their demo presentations to meet individual prospects' specific needs and interests on a whole new level. Via this, sales reps can create dynamic, engaging, and interactive demos to resonate with each prospect.

3. Allow for Sharing and Embedding

The demo experience platform provides the ability to make demos available on demand. These demos can be embedded on a website, in an email, and even in marketing campaigns. 

4. Help Sales Team Nail Every Live Demo

Demo creators can create speaker notes on demo experience platforms to assist sales reps in delivering their presentations. Live demo analytics can also provide insights into what works and what doesn't, allowing sales leaders to fine-tune the pitch and discover training needs of their team.

5. Stimulate engagement and rapport building before the prospect meets the sales team 

Demo Experience platforms also provide ample opportunity for sales reps to engage with prospects before they ever meet face to face. This can be accomplished through comments on the demo or via a video narrative that conveys a powerful message that resonates with the potential customer. 

6. Revolutionize champion empowerment

A demo experience platform enables sales reps to easily equip their champions with a ready-to-use demo. Read here about how to use an interactive demo so enable the champion to sell on your behalf. 

7. Provides Real-Time Analytics

Demoboost provides real-time analytics as it automatically tracks engagement and builds stakeholder maps within a client's organization, providing sales teams valuable insights. The feature helps sales teams understand which stakeholders are most engaged and interested in their product, allowing them to tailor their approach and increase their chances of closing a deal. 

Gartner reviews suggest that Demoboost's structured and automated demos can help sales teams increase their efficiency and effectiveness by manifolds.

Who Can Use the Demo Experience Platform?

The demo experience platforms can be used by anyone helming customer-facing roles in a business. DEPs are most suitable for:

1. Sales Engineering

Sales engineering team is a key stakeholder of any company's sales team. They are responsible for bridging the gap between technical knowledge and the customer's needs and translating it into a convincing demo. The success of a sales engineering team ultimately depends on their ability to communicate effectively and demonstrate their product's value. This is where demo experience platforms come in.

By utilizing these platforms, sales engineers can save time by building ready to use demo galleries answering repetitive questions from specific personals and for specific use cases.

2. Sales teams

Sales teams can greatly benefit from demo experience platforms, which provide a user-friendly interface for tailoring demo templates to their specific deals and opportunities. Thanks to build in speaker notes the sales reps will confidently guide their prospects through live demo sessions and address all their questions. 

3. Marketing

Marketing teams looking to boost their MQLs can leverage demo experience platforms. DEPs provide a unique way to showcase a product or service to leads, enhancing their engagement with your brand.

Interactive demos are fresh marketing assets and a highly converting Call-To-Action.

How to revolutionize the demo experience  with Demoboost?

By utilizing Demoboost, businesses can reach their customers more personally, allowing them to gather valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors.

With this knowledge, shaping product offerings to meet specific needs and creating a seamless user experience becomes as easy as it can be.

Demoboost offers tools and features that allow GTM teams to optimize their platform for maximum engagement and revenue. By harnessing the power of Demoboost, you can drive the perfect product-led platform and create loyal customers who rave about your brand. Schedule a Demo with Demoboost today and turn your everyday sales hassles into a hassle-free success!

Kamil Smuga
Co-founder & CTA at Demoboost

Kamil is the brain behind Demoboost. Combining his product development and business experience he helps us translate our dreams into lines of code. He says he has the best ideas when riding his mountain bike!

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