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Use Cases: Guided Product Tours

Guided Product Tours: Steer your buyers in the right direction

Demoboost helps revenue teams outperform by

  • Utilizing guided product tours to shape the buyer's perspective

  • Presenting a distinct point of view

  • Influencing through the narration of a rich product story

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Trusted by trailblazing companies around the world

  • Air Call
  • Arrow
  • Billenium
  • Celonis
  • Citrix
  • Craftware
  • Enxoo
  • Hitachi
  • Kogena
  • Lative
  • Limitless Technologies
  • Sygnity
  • Veritas
  • Air Call
  • Arrow
  • Billenium
  • Celonis
  • Citrix
  • Craftware
  • Enxoo
  • Hitachi
  • Kogena
  • Lative
  • Limitless Technologies
  • Sygnity
  • Veritas


Supercharge your sales process using guided product tours and deploy at ease without engineering effort!

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Build a qualified pipeline at scale

With guided product experience right from the start, filter out tire-kickers so that you have a strong pipeline of qualified prospects

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Achieve operational efficiency

Eliminate scalability and consistency bottlenecks by automating repetitive product tours. Personalise and deliver on-demand demos without any engineering effort.


Accelerate product adoption

Avoid product confusion or users getting stuck in their self-guided approach. Deploy personalised product tours and narrate users to the fastest lane to value.

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Analytics to create a winning approach

Gain insight into your demo process, identify your most impactful product tour sequences, and get insights on users to tailor your live demo approach and win deals.

How does it work?

Craft an immersive self-guided experience with Demoboost’s guided product tours for buyers and users to find value faster

Guided product tours

Chart the map to AHA! moments

  • Complex product, a new feature launch, or overall product exploring - guided product tours give you the power to tell the full story

  • Give your buyers and users the most effective path to embrace your product and find value faster.

  • Improve activation and sales qualified leads

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Create, personalise, publish and share in minutes

  • Easily build a demo gallery for specific personas and use cases

  • Allow revenue teams to personalise without delays

  • Share guided products tours for on-demand consumption

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Track, analyse, and initiate the next steps

  • Leverage demo insights to know the impact of product tours on buyer  engagement, deal win rate and user adoption.

  • Identify areas for improvement and iteratively enhance the tour experience.

  • Provide proactive guidance at the right time for the right people

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Modern teams use Demoboost to guide buyers with product tours

  • As a market leader, we always want to deliver great experience to our customers. This includes educating them about our products. That’s why we’re excited about Demoboost. It enables organizations to scale their demo best practices efficiently. Not only internally, but also with partners. As a result, sales teams and partners can deliver great demo experience for every customer. While at the same time consultants and engineers focus on the most complex use cases. This opens up completely new opportunities of going to market, efficiently and effectively.

    Ludek Safar
    Ludek Safar Head of Customer Advisory Central Europe @ SAS Insititute
  • During the purchasing process, the Demoboost team produced a high-quality demo in record time.

    Michael Schwend
    Michael Schwend Senior Consultant @ DataGlobal

More reasons why guided product tours are loved by revenue teams


No-code and flexible product clone builder

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Easy setup and integration

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Flexible sharing options, anywhere


Instant time to value

Modern teams use Demoboost to guide buyers with product tours


Use Cases

Give buyers what they want. Leverage product tours from prospecting to adoption!

Enable buyers with sheer clarity, help them understand product value, remove misconceptions, and strengthen the impression of your product at every stage.



Convert your visitors with interactive guided product tours

Inspire website visitors to experience your product even before they opt-in to meet your sales team. Demoboost’s guided product tours help you convert curious visitors into qualified leads.

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Outbound Campaigns

Hook users to your conversations, build robust pipeline

Utilising interactive product tours, create stories that drive meaningful engagement to build a pipeline full of educated buyers.

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Paid Campaigns & New Feature Launches

Present your product in the best light

Provide a comprehensive and engaging overview of the product with guided product tours to educate potential customers and accelerate the sales process and improved conversion rates.

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Onboarding and Adoption

Enhanced onboarding to drive your product adoption 

Ensure that new users quickly and effectively navigate the product, build confidence, and increase engagement to unlock the full potential for faster success.

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Start closing more deals with interactive product demos

Demos have come a long way from the traditional product demo video consumers were once familiar with. Learn how interactive software demos can showcase your product in all its glory, revolutionizing the way you sell and transforming the way your customers buy.

Common questions while considering guided product tours

What is a guided product tour?

A guided product tour is an interactive and visual experience that provides users with a step-by-step overview of a product's key features and benefits. It's designed to help new users, visitors or potential leads become familiar with a product's functionality, use cases, and value propositions in a more engaging and efficient way than traditional documentation or tutorials.

Can the guided product tour be customised to fit my specific needs?

Yes, guided product tours can often be customised to fit specific needs, such as showcasing certain features, focusing on a particular use case, or highlighting unique value propositions or personalising it to certain user segments.

Can I track user engagement with the guided product tour?

Yes, most guided product tours come with analytics tools that allow you to track user engagement, such as completion rates, time spent on each step, and click-through rates.

How much time does it take to reflect changes for on-demand product tours?

All changes will be reflected instantly as soon as you publish the changes and make it live.

How does the guided product tour fit into the overall user experience of the product?

They can be used at various points in the customer journey, such as during onboarding, feature updates, or product launches, to enhance user engagement, provide additional support, and drive adoption.

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