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How Interactive Demo Can Help You Succeed in Vendor- Partner Relationship

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Using interactive demo to successfully build vendor- partner relationship

Working in the tech industry is no easy feat. Kamil Smuga, the Co-founder and CTO of Demoboost, has been in the tech game for many years and has plenty of experience to share. Having worked for Salesforce in Ireland and led Limitless Technologies, a leading partner of Salesforce, Veritas and Citrix, Kamil understands what it takes to operate a successful channel partner business. He experienced the challenges of selling software as a reseller, which gave him the idea of creating a demo platform as a channel enablement tool. Today Demoboost releases its unique offering for channel partners as we explore the insights behind its creation. As an experienced executive, Kamil was well aware of the resources available to him when starting up his own channel partner business. However, he soon realized just how much more limited these resources were compared to his previous experiences working on the vendor side. Expanding the portfolio and selling several tools, uncovered limited resources for the team to learn about their offering to share with potential buyers.  This new challenge pushed him to be even more resourceful and creative when it came to selling products on behalf of others. 

Kamil found himself facing two main challenges: getting a thorough understanding of each vendor's product offerings and guiding his sales team on how to best sell them with limited access to product expertise or demos. 

He wished he had easy access to the most up-to-date product knowledge and dreamt about having demos ready for selling without delays. 

That’s how the idea for Demoboost was born. Together with a group of trusted colleagues, Dermoboost has developed an interactive demo platform. Today we announce the launch of Demoboost for Channel Partners.

This unique solution allows vendors to provide their partners with demo libraries including best-performing flows and narratives. Partners can then use those as onboarding materials and as the ultimate sales material. Demos from the demo libraries can be customised to specific needs and deals.

With those innovative demo libraries vendors ensure the consistency and quality of product demo globally, while partners obtain access to the latest and greatest in product selling. 

In his own words, Kamil explains: ‘This is a game changer! For all the channel partner businesses out there, having a profound product understanding and immediate access to customisable demos is a major competitive advantage. Why?  Learning to showcase product value is hard enough if you’re a vendor- with all onboarding and expertise your sales reps can have. But how are things when you are a partner company working with multiple vendors? Your AEs will have exponentially harder tasks to solve - receiving demo environments, onboarding from vendors and receiving guidance day to day. On the other hand - vendors would like to have all partners keep the same level of quality and level up to their standard as soon as they release new features and products. I’m proud to see that companies like Veritas and Aircall are already using Demoboost to enable their global partner networks."

Vendor-partner relationships are not always easy but they don’t have to be difficult either! Thanks to Demoboost's game-changing solution – Demoboot for Channel Partners – vendors will be able to conduct efficient vendor-partner relationships that benefit both parties involved. 

So don't let the complaxity of the vendor partner relations hold you back from success - try out Demoboot today!


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