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Welcome to the Presales Industry Advisory Board!

Our mission is clear: to develop a demo platform that becomes an integral part of every presales professional's daily toolkit, as well as the entire revenue team’s.

Instead of assuming we have all the answers, we've embraced the philosophy of "we want to learn it all". We've actively engaged with the vibrant Presales community, actively seeking insights and listening attentively to your needs. Together, we're crafting a tool that genuinely caters to the everyday challenges faced by frontline presales experts

In our community, every voice matters. Join us today and be a part of the demo revolution!
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Meet Our Advisors / Experts / Mentors!
Patrick Pissang
CEO, Founder & Lead SE Trainer
Sales Hero GmbH

Patrick devotes his professional and creative energy to Sales Engineering Heroes who want to be independent, authentic and thought-leading in their craft. He founded Sales Hero and co-founded The School. He Created the Sales Engineering fantasy map, and builds AI companions for Sales Engineers.

Semir Jahic
Global Expansion Leader

Semir, a Passionate startup Advisor and Coach. Author of More Revenue Newsletter on Startups, SaaS & Sales. Now Clari's Head of Sales Engineering & Operations EMEA, guiding international expansion.

James Connor McCann
Manager of Solutions Engineering - Governance, Risk & Compliance.

James is an experienced Sales Engineer, helping enterprise and strategic customers across industries and geographies. Having spent 14 years in the technology industry, he has developed a strong enthusiasm for the field, exploring diverse markets, and finding joy in exchanging ideas with the presales community.

Bill Balnave
Chief Revenue Officer

Bill Balnave, a seasoned sales leader, author, and investor, boasts over two decades in technical sales, serving in diverse roles, from sales engineering to product management. His expertise is a valuable resource for tech sales leaders seeking guidance.

Aksel Yap
Partner Sales Engineering

Aksel Yap, esteemed APAC presales leader. He leads SaaS growth at SailPoint, earned the TIBCO President's Club award three times, and possesses expertise in analytics, data science, iPaaS, and cybersecurity. With prior management roles at Merrill Lynch and ING, he brings a deep understanding of the B2B sales cycle.

Damian Tommasino
Founder, Cyber Informants
Cyber Informants

Damian is a cybersecurity sales expert with over a decade of industry experience, dedicated to reshaping the future of cybersecurity sales. He's passionate about cutting through industry jargon to deliver unforgettable buying experiences that exceed buyer expectations.

Jan-Erik Jank
PreSales Unleashed Podcast Host
SE Rockstars | PreSales Unleashed

Jan, a dedicated B2B Software Sales & PreSales pro, elevates the PreSales field in DACH. With a dynamic Software-SaaS career stretching over two decades, he shares insights on his PreSales Unleashed and through SE Rockstars.

Tim Broome
PreSales Unleashed Podcast Host
SE Rockstars | PreSales Unleashed

Co-founder of SE Rockstars and Co-author of the Disco Deck, Tim helps companies achieve three things: more revenue, lower costs, and reduced risk through B2B Software delivered as a service in the cloud (SaaS). His approach combines entrepreneurial spirit, technology, and a focus on customer problems to create efficient and sustainable solutions.

Wilfred Flier, Msc
Advising start- and scale-ups on pre-sales
Flier Consultancy

Wilfred Flier, a seasoned Solution Sales professional since 2001 in trailblazing companies like Salesforce or Celonis. He excels in customer engagement, team leadership, and mentoring. Known for dedication, passion, and driving results.

Paul Harris
Principal Solution Architect, Loftware

With two decades of professional experience in various B2B SaaS roles, Paul is currently a Principle Solution Architect in Loftware. With a background in Literature, Paul transitioned into tech roles and leadership becoming an esteemed Thought Leader , Content Creator and Storyteller.

Dimitris Adamidis
Chief Revenue Officer

Experienced B2B SaaS Operations Leader specializing in GTM strategies, operational efficiency, and team building. Proficient in business analytics, budget planning, and driving growth across various operational aspects. Accomplished in pricing, customer engagement, and optimizing sales processes for enhanced profitability.

Varik Torsteinsen
Presales Strategy Leader
Varik Torsteinsen

Strategic Senior Presales Leader with 15+ years' experience in driving high win rates through value-selling and efficiency in EMEA. Recognized for collaborative leadership, innovative approaches, and simplifying complex practices for tangible SaaS sales results. Proficient in analysis, C-level messaging, coaching, and leading strategic change across diverse cultures.

James Prentice
Senior Pre-Sales Manager

Passionate Solution/Presales Engineer experienced in financial services and startup environments, adept at aligning technology with business goals. Transitioned to Bud, a data intelligence and open banking SaaS company, enhancing solution development, PoC, prototyping, and innovation skills. Brings a unique blend of fintech expertise and startup adaptability to drive transformative solutions and sustainable growth in the evolving tech landscape.

Lidia Vasileva
PacketMage LTD

Devoted to presales excellence, now part of the VMware SE Team in the UK&I, focusing on Healthcare, Local Government, and Higher Education sectors. Passionate about enabling customers on their Software Define Journey. Also, and acclaimed Key Note Speaker and an active writer at and

In our community, every voice matters.
Join us todat and be a part of demo revolution !