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How to Unlock Your Channel Partner's Potential with an Interactive Demo?

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Channel Partner enablement tool

A channel partner network is an essential part of any B2B SaaS company’s sales strategy. It is a way for companies to leverage relationships with other organizations and reach more customers faster. With the right partners, you can quickly expand your customer base, increase revenue, and build brand recognition. Having partners who understand your product and are knowledgeable about how to present it to the right customers can greatly streamline the sales process and ensure that your business grows and succeeds. But establishing an effective channel partner network is no easy task. It takes time, effort, resources, and yes—a great interactive demo. 

In this blog post, we will explore some key statistics on why channel partner networks are so important, the benefits of selling through them, and tips on how to enable your partners. We will also dive deeper into using interactive demo as a channel partner enablement tool. 

How Important is Your Channel Partner Network? 

For many B2B SaaS companies, reaching their full potential requires leveraging a powerful channel partner network. According to research from Gartner indirect sales account for over 70% of revenue in many enterprise software markets. Additionally, businesses that leverage their partner networks see 2x more revenue growth than those that don’t. It’s no wonder that so many companies have embraced this strategy making the expansion of channel partners' networks the top priority for their sales strategy. 

Benefits of Selling Through Channel Partners 

There are plenty of advantages of selling through channel partners including: 

  • cost savings - by avoiding the need to hire additional sales reps

  • increased market penetration- they provide direct access to markets and customers that may be difficult or impossible to reach on your own

  • access to new customers - they can amplify your sales efforts by introducing your products and services to new audiences while providing localized insights 

  • improved customer satisfaction - since most partners have strong customer service departments

  • Increased brand awareness- thanks to their own marketing efforts

Ultimately, selling through partners can result in lower costs and higher revenues when done correctly. 

Challenges of Building Out the Partners Network 

Creating a flourishing channel partner network requires more than just money; it also involves building relationships and trusting that your partners will represent your product well. This is not always easy, either for the vendor or for the partner. 

Key challenges from the vendor’s point of view are:

  • Identifying the right partners

  • Setting up processes for onboarding new ones

  • Providing them with adequate training and support materials

  • Maintaining and distributing the most up-to-date sales materials 

  • Effectively managing partners’ performance. 

Channel partners and resellers, on the other hand, face significant issues when setting up their sales process on the vendor’s behalf. Frequently selling multiple products at the same time, they do not have the same volume of specialists and product expertise to ensure the proper delivery of demos or to communicate the value of a product as well as the vendors could directly.

Ensuring success at each step along the way requires careful planning and execution by experienced professionals - which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, many companies find it difficult to maintain strong relationships with their partners over time which can lead to decreased engagement and missed opportunities for growth. 

Enable your channel partners with the interactive demo 

Overcoming these challenges requires a comprehensive approach that focuses on enabling your channel partners with tools that help them sell more effectively.

An interactive demo is a great way to enable your channel partners without overloading them with too much information at once. These demos allow partners to get hands-on experience with the product so they can better demonstrate its features and benefits to potential customers. They also provide a valuable opportunity for feedback from partners on what works well and what areas could use improvement. Furthermore, an interactive demo allows you to track partner performance in real time so you know exactly where to invest your time and money for maximum impact.   

Finally, thanks to tools like Demoboost, allow creating external demo libraries that make sharing demos easier than ever before!  This means that each partner has access to, not only up-to-date but also to best-performing demos from the entire network. For the vendors’, shareable, interactive demo libraries give peace of mind knowing that their brand will always be represented in a consistent way regardless of who’s doing the selling!   

Demoboost is a channel partner enablement solution designed to help you build out and maintain your channel partner network. It does this by enabling your channel team to give every reseller the tools they need to sell your product, as well as your best sales rep, would.  

With Demoboost you can: - Share perfect demo templates with all partners - Scale & control demo quality across your partner network - Enable your partners to deliver the perfect demo every time thanks to built-in speaker notes - Track and analyze partners' performance  

Keen to unlock the power of scalable, personalized and interactive product demos to supercharge your channel sales strategy? Book a demo today!  



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